Magnium Australia (MA) is embarking on a groundbreaking venture by constructing a pilot plant in Collie, Western Australia, a strategic location set to revolutionise magnesium production in Australia. This pivotal project is slated for production commencement in Q4 of 2024. 

Magnium’s innovation lies in its unique technology, commercially developed in conjunction with CSIRO, enables the clean and sustainable production of magnesium metal.  

Unlike traditional methods, Magnium uses a proprietary Carbothermic Reduction process with supersonic quenching to extract magnesium metal from magnesium-rich waste resources. 

This world leading extraction technology results in lower energy consumption, reduced carbon emissions, and an unprecedented reduction of environmental footprint.  

Magnium aims to optimise production through an environmentally conscious approach. The Collie facility will use a low-emission process, ensuring minimal ecological impact while generating valuable magnesium metal with the lowest carbon footprint. 

Upon the successful establishment of the pilot plant, Magnium plans to progress towards a larger-scale commercial facility, paving the way for an 30,000 tpa production unit within the Collie region. 

Leveraging breakthrough technology and streamlined materials handling processes, Magnium is poised to operate at globally competitive costs, setting new benchmarks within the magnesium production sector. 

With global demand for magnesium steadily rising, projected to double in the coming years, Magnium’s initiatives in Collie represent a significant stride towards meeting this burgeoning demand. 

The construction of this pilot plant signifies a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and meeting the evolving needs of the magnesium market on a global scale. 

Scaleup Pathway

Stage 1

The Collie project is a pilot Magnesium Plant located at Collie Light Industrial area is 150km south from Perth. Magnium was awarded a 30-year global exclusivity to world leading extraction technology patented by CSIRO. Magnesium metal will be extracted from MgO using the world-first carbothermic process that simplifies the process, reducing major raw material inputs to MgO and the major output, Magnesium metal with nominal by-products.

Stage 2

Expanding from the pilot plant, Stage 2 marks a significant increase as Magnium Australia scales up operations to a 3,000 tpa production capacity in Collie. Building on the successful pilot phase, Magnium will focus on refining processes to enhance efficiency and increase production. The emphasis remains on the carbothermic process to simplify magnesium extraction from MgO, maintaining a streamlined approach that minimises raw material inputs and produces high-quality magnesium metal at lowest carbon emission.

Stage 3

Continuing the scale-up, Stage 3 represents a substantial multiplier as Magnium Australia expands by adding a further 9 modules for a 30,000 tpa production facility in Collie, Western Australia. This expansion underscores Magnium's commitment to meeting rising global magnesium demand. Building on previous stages, efforts will concentrate on optimising the carbothermic process for larger-scale operations, integrating advanced AI technologies and process improvements to ensure efficiency and environmental sustainability while meeting market demands.

Stage 4

Advancing significantly, Stage 4 marks Magnium Australia's establishment of further modules to a 100,000 tpa production plant at the Collie site. This leap amplifies Magnium's presence in magnesium production, positioning the company as a global player. With a focus on scalability, innovation and net zero production, Stage 4 involves further improvements include a switch to 100% renewable energy. A priority as Magnium scales up, it maintains its commitment to sustainability, minimising environmental impact while meeting the increasing global demand for magnesium at globally competitive pricing.