Magnium Australia gets $6.25M Grant to Revolutionise Critical Metal Manufacturing in the West

Magnium Australia has received a $6.25 million grant from the Australian Government for its Collie Pilot Plant project, aiming to revolutionise high-purity magnesium metal production. The project will strengthen Australia's sovereign capabilities, set a global standard for sustainable magnesium production, and enable large-scale production by 2027. Magnesium's properties are vital in industries like automotive, aerospace, and renewable energy, with Australia poised to become a global leader. The grant accelerates Magnium's technology development, highlighting the government's support for manufacturing innovation.

Collie industrial projects hit major milestones

The McGowan Government has announced a $5 million grant to support the establishment and construction of a pilot plant for Magnium Australia's proposed net-zero magnesium refinery in Collie. The pilot plant will pave the way for sustainable manufacturing and commercial scale testing of CSIRO-developed technology, offering new opportunities for local workers. The pilot plant has the capacity to scale up to producing 800 tonnes of high purity magnesium metal and is a stepping-stone to building a large-scale magnesium refinery in Collie.

Pyrochar has signed a 15-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Magnium

Pyrochar signs MOU for supply agreement with Australian net zero magnesium refinery to supply up to 18,000 tonnes of biochar, annually, as a net-zero carbon source, for use in Magnium Australia’s green magnesium metal manufacture. The collaboration will enable the world's first net zero magnesium facility to be established in Collie, WA, advancing green metal manufacturing in Australia.

Look to the west to find out how to get the end of coal right

Collie, a town in Western Australia, has been reliant on coal for over a century. The state government has announced that all coal will be phased out by 2030, and is investing in renewable energy infrastructure and businesses to replace it. One of the most promising projects is a zero-carbon magnesium plant being considered by Magnium Australia, which is hoping to challenge China's toxic and carbon-intensive production process. The state government is helping to fund Magnium’s feasibility study.

Magnium Australia raises for CSIRO-developed tech

Magnium Australia has secured $3.24 million to prove out its CSIRO-developed manufacturing technology that could enable Australia to take advantage of a $300 billion magnesium export opportunity. The technology involves a process of carbothermal reduction and supersonic quenching to produce a high purity magnesium powder, and if successful, Magnium will seek additional funding for the next phase.

Feasibility study into innovative magnesium smelter for Collie

The McGowan Government is investing in a feasibility study to establish a carbon neutral magnesium refinery in Collie, Australia. The project is supported by Magnium Australia, which was founded in 2020 to explore and create projects for downstream processing of critical minerals in Australia. Magnesium is a versatile metal with a variety of uses, and the project could create a significant number of construction and operational jobs if it proves feasible.

Green magnesium refinery proposal for Collie reaches milestone

The McGowan Government has taken steps to attract new and emerging industries to Collie, including a pre-feasibility study for a carbon neutral magnesium refinery. Initiated by Magnium Australia, the project would use a breakthrough technology developed by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation to produce magnesium metal for global supply chains in the aerospace and transport sectors. The State government will also invest up to $2 million in a feasibility study into the provision of magnesium hydroxide as a byproduct of desalination, as well as further investigations and planning to enhance industrial land readiness.

Game-changing industries shaping the future of Collie

The McGowan Government is investing almost $2 million to support Magnium Australia's proposed carbon neutral magnesium metal refinery in Collie. The project is expected to create more than 400 permanent industrial jobs in the town and over 400 jobs in construction. A pre-feasibility study has already identified Collie as an ideal location for the project.

Backing Net-Zero Minerals Revolution, Jobs And Investment

The Andrews Labor Government is supporting a groundbreaking study with Magnium, a critical minerals startup, and the CSIRO that could lead to the world's first net-zero magnesium foundry being built in Victoria. If proven commercially viable, the project could create $1 billion in annual earnings, hundreds of construction jobs, and 350 ongoing jobs. The study will explore ways to scale-up the technology and build a magnesium refinery in Victoria, and is expected to be completed early in the new year.

Magnium Australia will build a magnesium smelter at Stanwell, near Rockhampton, following a $25m pledge from Coalition despite interest from China

The Australian government has committed $25.75m to Magnium Australia to build a magnesium plant in Rockhampton, which will use CSIRO patented technology to produce up to 120,000 tonnes of pure magnesium metal a year. This technology has attracted significant interest from China, as it is more efficient than the current pidgeon process used in China, producing between 0-4.8 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of magnesium. The development of the plant is expected to create 400 direct jobs and 1100 indirect construction jobs by 2029.

IMA Predicts a Bright Future for Magnesium

Magnium Australia exhibited at IMAs 79th Annual World Magnesium Conference, introducing their solution to large scale primary magnesium production that is net zero carbon and toxin-free. This process is the only independently validated alternative to the Pidgeon process, which is not viable due to its negative environmental impact and high carbon emissions. Magnium plans to use low cost, low carbon energy supplies and highly efficient processes to produce high-value metals with reduced or eliminated toxic by-products.

MagSonic slashing emissions at the speed of sound

A remarkable new CSIRO-designed magnesium refining process that slashes both energy use and high-polluting additives, could see Australia nab 10 per cent of global market share for this in-demand metal.