Growth in Regional Australia

Magnium is committed to utilising our science, resources and know how for the benefit of Australia, creating Australian jobs, reducing harmful emissions and enhancing Australia’s reputation as the world leader in ecologically-aware mining technologies.

We also acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People as the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we may deliver our services. We pay our respects to elders and leaders past, present and emerging.

Australia is one of the largest exporters of minerals globally. Our export of minerals (excluding metals) has more than doubled in the last 20 years to capture 6.4% of the world market. In Queensland over the last three years, there has been a 30% increase in jobs to more than 60,000, with a value increase from $7.8 billion to $11.7 billion.3

Australia’s existing infrastructure allows the construction of the Magnium Australia facility without significant planning or investment in offsite infrastructure. As a result, economic benefit can be delivered immediately to the region where the plant is created.

Over 750 jobs will be created from the initial land surveying to construction, operation, and ancillary services. Opportunity will also be created for small businesses to emerge as suppliers to the defence, automotive, construction, electronic and aerospace industries locally, nationally and abroad.

It will demonstrate what a strong partnership between government and private enterprise can look like and, importantly, position Australia as the world leaders in the fourth (advanced technology) industrial revolution.

Magnium will have a local employment strategy focused on diversity and inclusion. As part of that strategy, Magnium commits to providing opportunities for employment, training, procurement, and support for Indigenous people and enterprises.

The magnesite deposits required for a completely developed plant of this scale have been identified in regional Australia. This plant can be developed near any of these deposits. Mining operations in these areas are also expected to receive a boost for production outputs as demand increases.

Detailed research and modelling have revealed there are three suitable locations for a magnesium plant in Australia, for ease of reference these are proximate to:

  • Gladstone/Rockhampton
  • Darwin
  • Adelaide

Once the Magnium Australia commercial plant has achieved the economic scalability milestones for one State, it could be replicated across other States and Countries. This technology has the potential to extend 300,000 tonnes of production per annum across three Australian sites — that’s almost 30% of the world’s magnesium metal supply.

Developed and implemented as intended, this new plant will create thousands of new jobs and elevate Australia's position as an innovative leader in sustainable mining and value-added processing. And it will be the Australian communities who will reap the long-term benefits of such a project.