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We are Magnium

Magnium commercialises world-leading research from CSIRO to manufacture zero carbon, zero toxin magnesium metal, a deemed critical mineral. The locally produced pure magnesium ingots (>99.8% purity per ASTM B92/B92M international standard) will drive the development of an advanced manufacturing supply chain and export industry and create jobs for regional Australians. The development of a large-scale magnesium plant will additionally support the growth of renewables, create 1000’s of advanced manufacturing jobs and provide access to global export opportunities. Magnium anticipates the production of almost 1M tonnes a year of critical minerals from the company’s global operations by 2035.Magnium is primed to capitalise on the rising global demand for green critical minerals, driven in large part by their role in the transition to a low-carbon and digitized economy. The process is the only known global scalable alternate to the pidgeon process, which today produces 87% of the world’s magnesium metal. The pidgeon process is one of the highest industrial processes in the production of carbon emissions.Magnium will take to scale new processes that engage low cost, low carbon energy supplies and highly efficient processes that reduce or eliminate toxic by-products to deliver globally competitive manufacturing in Australia of high-value metals. Critical minerals are essential for renewable energy and clean technology applications (batteries, permanent magnets, solar panels, and wind turbines), they have also required inputs for advanced manufacturing supply chains, including defence and security technologies, consumer electronics, agriculture, medical applications, and critical infrastructure.CSIRO has an exclusive relationship with Magnium to commercialise Magsonic, a globally patented technology. CSIRO is an R&D collaborator in Magnium's project to build a zero-emissions magnesium smelter in Australia.

About Magnesium Metal

As the eighth-most abundant metal in the universe and one of the lightest and most pliable metals used in alloy die casting and machining, magnesium has a wide range of uses and applications across many different industries.Although too volatile, corrosive and combustible to be used in engineering applications by itself, pure magnesium can easily be combined with other lightweight metals and moulded into almost any shape or texture. This creates the perfect compound material for thin-wall and complex structure formation and is a popular choice for projects that require intricate work.Magnesium metal also offers an attractive cost-to-material ratio, making it growth in-demand option for use in bulk machining or mass production.

Magnesium is…


  • the 8th most abundant metal in the universe
  • 34% lighter than aluminium
  • 60% lighter than titanium
  • 70% lighter than steel
  • 100 times better than plastic at dissipating heat
  • Stronger in most applications than other structural metals
  • Listed on the critical minerals list of the US, UK, EU, and Australia
  • Found in abundance in regional Australia


Common uses for magnesium in diecast alloy materials:

  • Automotive casing and components
  • Electronic technology casing
  • Aerospace and space exploration
  • Medical applications such as implants and internal braces
  • Household items such as bicycles, power tools and stepladders

Production Technology

The benefits of our world class magnesium production technology:

  • More efficient than existing processes
  • Cleaner and more environmentally friendly than existing processes
  • Cheaper to operate than existing processes
  • Potential for continuous production