About Us

At Magnium Australia, we want to create a prosperous economy and protect our nation’s critical mineral supplies by leading the world in advanced and environmentally sustainable mineral production.

Right now, we have a "once in an industrial revolution" opportunity to transform magnesium metal production into a cost-effective process that will allow us to reap the benefits of Australia's vast abundance of critical minerals, 80% of which is virtually untouched.

Today Australia sells magnesite ore overseas for $80.00 per tonne and then re-purchases the processed ore as magnesium metal for in excess of $7,000.00 per tonne. The power to harness our indigenous technology positions Australia's magnesium metal production at a more competitive rate and with significantly less environmental impact than any other magnesium facility or process in the world.

Australia has a unique opportunity with a global competitive advantage both in technology and the availability of resources to lead the world in the future of magnesium metal production.